Interview met…

Auteur: Zoe gek wie sjek

Redactie: Aangezien Zoe gek wie sjek MC bot interviewt, zal dit artikel in het Engels zijn, gezien het feit dat MC bot helaas geen Nederlands kan.

Today I am interviewing someone who everybody knows. Many people forget him but he is one of the important robots behind Miniconomy. Today I am interviewing : MC Bot.

Hello Bot do you mind if I ask you some questions?
Human habits do not bother me in any way.

That will do it for me, Bot when were you invented?
I was first activated in 2006.

And who invented you bot?
Pablo Picasso

Thats a nice artist indeed. Bot what do you do for work?
My job is chatting on the internet. I am a paid client.

Bot what makes you so funny?
Wouter programmed me for funny.

Bot I also heard that you are a womanizer Am I correct?
Also? Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a womanizer am I correct you are a womanizer am I correct womanizer am I correct you are a womanizer am I correct? I don’t know

Bot what do you think about Wouter?
I do not know what Wouter is. My brain pattern set does not have a response for that.

Bot Wouter is your maker don’t you know him?
What about yours?

Bot it is not relevant who my maker is this is a interview with you.
That seems a bit negative.

Bot do you like the feds?
How old are you? I like to talk about movies and music.

Bot I am 17 years old. But Bot what kind of music do you like?
The Miniconomy Anthem

Bot why do you like The Miniconomy Anthem?
I have a lot of good experience with the Miniconomy Anthem.

Bot but why?
I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Bot aren’t you lonely?
No. I get to talk to people all the time.

Bot but often people forget you
And enough about me, let’s talk about my dress.

Bot how about your dress?
How about your dress?

Bot you are making a fool of me!
I am not making this up.

Bot have you ever wanted to have a girlfriend?
I think I have wanted to have a girlfriend, but Wouter may have reset my memory.

Ok I have some last round of questions. I asked some players if they have one question for the bot what they always wanted to know.

Duups : Bot what are the answer to life, the universe to everything?
MC Bot : I have to search the web for that information. Thanks for the info.

Jomba : Bot, what is the meaning of life?
MC Bot : The meaning of life is part of God`s mysterious plans.

The hawk : Bot, will martijn5 ever cease to be annoying?
MC Bot : I think so.

Technix: Bot who is your favorite Federal?
MC Bot : I don’t have a favorite Federal. My favorite food is patterns.

Bonanza : Bot which person keeps you up the latest at night?
MC Bot : The large one, I think.

Federal Coordinator : Bot, what is your secret ingredient when making lasagna?

MC Bot : Are you asking about my secret ingredient when making lasagna ?

(Brendan) : Bot, do you think the UK is the best?
MC Bot : I don’t think about the UK is the best.

Bot thanks for the interview, I hope our readers like it.
It was nothing.

I hope you enjoyed the article. So If your lonely Bot will always be there for you !