No man is an island

Author: Franklin Ibisha

A week after Ibisha Island’s official defloration, the island is slowly starting to discover its strengths and weaknesses. Already an oil shortage lies in our direct future, but the weapon trade is expected to start florishing soon as well.

Meanwhile Virtua and Ibisha are struggling in their efforts to become best buddies. Virtua invested some resources in the development of the island, however failed to come up with a solid and fail proof plan for its welfare. After a week of contemplation, conversation once again started between Virtua and me – only this time, I am negotiating on behalf of a true nation, the city-state of Ibisha Island.

Having to bear the responsibility of a whole country means I have to defend newly found glory and pride. I have to protect the arising culture and values of the Islanders, and can’t risk another country to barge in and enforce their own rules. Ibisha Island belongs to the Islanders, and it is in their interest that I stand to my own principles.

Just two weeks ago, Virtua extremist Lion_Queen repeatedly insulted, ridiculed and threatened yours truly, but more troubling, he attempted a coup in his own country and set up citizens against their own benevolent government by using people’s weaknesses to convince them. Him being mayor, it was easy for me to avoid him by just denying access to my club. However I found out that the same person mocking the founding father of Ibisha Island a short while ago, has suddenly been appointed as the highest leader of Virtua.

Being leader of a country means that they accept you as their voice, their spokesman. They think you are the right representative to be the highest authority. You are the country. And when the highest leader of one country is a manipulative charlatan, only after his own gain, and the leader of another country is an honest man trying to get the best for his fellow Islanders, interests violently collide. As long as Virtua chooses as their spokesman a person not capable of fair and honest politics, Ibisha chooses to keep itself aloof.

It doesn’t matter who’s leading negotiations, because the final responsibility is always with the country’s leader. By selecting ringleader Lion_Queen as head, they accept his mental legacy of their own. And Islanders, myself in particular, are much too proud to be subject to being associated with such people. Politics is not only following laws, it’s also saying and doing the right thing at the right time in the right place. That’s what follows from the responsibilities you accept at the inauguration.

Fire the chairman and talks can continue; relieve the chairman from his duties and Ibisha can show itself brazenly at the negotiation table. It’s up to you, I’ll be fine anyway.