What of Ibisha?

Author: commiekiller3

A chronically of the tragic events leading to the independence of Ibisha

The year was 2055 and a Virtuan explorer named Franklin Ibisha made land fall on a previously uncharted island off the coast of Centropolis. Franklin claimed this land as his own and named it Ibisha in honor of his achievements as an explorer and outdoors men. Being the patriot that he was Franklin then proceeded to offer the island to the National Government of Virtua the Board of Consuls.

However, there was turmoil in the BoC. First Total Warrior was removed for inactivity leaving only Andoversr 2, Drosshk, and The Mister Chairmen of the BoC. After Total Warrior’s seat became vacant Virtuan mumbled under their breath in fear of the future but never was a word about this fear spoken in public. Within hours Andoversr became bankrupt. At first Virtuans were influenced by a few traders to believe this was a result of a viscous attack authorized by Lion_Queen, Andoversr 2’s most vocal and powerful critic. Soon however it came to our attention Andoversr was bankrupted for risky banking polices. At this time there was utter chaos in the streets of Virtua. With only two active members the BoC did not possess the quorum to carry out its duties. The Federals acted with speed that any would admire. As opposed to waiting for new elections the Feds decided to take the next two(and last) candidates for the BoC in 2054 Gladicus and Snowvader and appoint them.

With four members of the BoC the grim situation begun to look brighter. This lasted all of about 1 hour Lion_Queen, Tuned, Ravox, and Riemer_1990 all begun to criticize the BoC. Some of them even called for the Chairmen to step down. A stalemate persisted The Mister was hell bent on performing his duties, but by the following day he could not even peer out the window of his mansion without seeing the massive protest in Cento. As a result the mister resigned and asked that the BoC and it’s public infrastructure be handed over to Snowvader the Counsel of Justice and Safety. Snowvader, Gladicus, and Drosshk refusing to give into who would soon become revolutionaries passed in quick succession half a dozen new laws that cover everything from a raise for national employees, an additionally 500I-Shells for BoC members to a treason law. Regardless of this quick pace they failed to create a comprehensive plan concerning what most Virtuans deemed their most important subject the fate of Ibisha’s Island.

As violence erupted drosshk and Snowvader were each shot six times. Still both stood strong against the pressure and refused to step down. It should be noted around the same time Gladicus after consulting the CoV fled Virtua for Canada. With the absence of gladicus and at the request of the Chairmen of the CoV Bonanza, Snowvader decided to hold public elections to replace the whole BoC. As per law all Virtuans are allowed to run in these elections except cheaters. Lion_Queen who was banned from the BoC public spammed the CoV day and night with hopes of being able to vote in the coming election. This election was an unusual crossection of the most experienced politicians in Virtua and several completely new faces.

In the end the new BoC would consist of Fajas, Tuned, Ravox, and Commiekiller3. Fajas would become the person in charge of negotiating with Franklin Ibisha. Tensions relaxed but the BoC never recovered not a single piece of legislation with the exception of the law repealing the treason law was passed. Franklin decided that the BoC would not be able to meet his demands if they continued to offer half hearted solutions. The biggest point of confrontation was the idea of a Colonial Council that most of the BoC wanted. Franklin seen through their selfish interest and resisted any attempt to create another level of bureaucracy. In 2055 Franklin Ibisha, the dictator of Ibisha Island, declared his Island an independent and sovereign nation reporting only to the Federation.

One year later. Most Virtuans feel betrayed by the man they once called their brother. Virtuans invested vast amounts of resources and prices well below market value. For example, one Cashington trader sold the Federal resource buyers more than 2000L of oil at an average price of 0.23 I-Shells per Liter. Looking at the state of Ibisha today it is apparent that he was amongst the only providers of this resource that is worth its weight in gold. Now these traders who include the everyday average Joe to the corporate power that has significant pull in the Government would like to either see Franklin Ibisha open negotiations with White Queen or grant reparations for the economic sacrifice they made for the sake of Virtua.

Throughout it’s history, Virtua has been a stable nation with a well balanced distribution of resources and many experience traders. Recently with the discovery of a potently new part of Virtua this infant nation was nearly ripped apart. What will become of Ibisha? What will become of the BoC? Will there be radical reform of the National Government? Only the creator knows. Life goes on for those of us who decided not to take the first boat to Ibisha the status quo has been for the time being restored.

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