How Gas can bring you wealth

Hi guys! So I know many players are offline these days since the game is being reset. But deep within we all are planning how to win the next round. By this time all of us must have decided what products to specialise in. Today I’ll tell you how Gas can be a great product to specialise in. The key strategy to win the round is selling goods at cheapest rate. This attracts tourist as well as other players. We all look for cheapest price when we shop, right?

So our main aim is provding cheapest rates. We can do so by ourselves manufacturing the tools we require. U should manufacture engine if you make pump, you should manufacture screwdriver if you make camera, saw, shovel etc. But is that the only way to reduce the cost of production? Definitely no! Cost of product you make is very much affected by transportation charges. Which ever way you play, you always have to play for Gas. How about you manufacture Gas? It means you get gas at a much lower cost than market and so does ur expense on gas reduce. As I said gas affects cost of all your products, if you get gas at a cheaper rate you are definitely in advantage!

Gas provides the following benefits:

1) It just takes 2 skill points to specialise

2) You get cheap Gas for transportation

3) Because of all this your cost of production decreases

4) And so cost of all your products decreases and you earn well!

Well all of us have some startergy. This is just my view. Think about it your own way. The makers of this game have made it in such a way that their are multiple ways to succeed.

Remember before specialising in gas make sure you have premium membership. Best Of Luck Guys for the upcoming round 208! May the best one win!