New Round, New Hopes

Round 208! New round, New beginning, New start and a new sunrise of hope, enjoyment, excitement and fun! Yes after a break of 10,080 minutes, which felt like aeons, we are back to our favourite game – Miniconomy. Last Round was so awesome. We traded, stole, bargained did all we could to reach the top. Everyone gave their best to become the Winner. And yes the best one won! Now I feel like we are participants of a race. We are all equal at start. All have same chances of winning. All have same spirit, hope and confidence. We have all gathered at the start line. All waiting for blowing of the whistle which will mark start of the race. Our palms are sweating.

We all have made some strategies. And these strategies are not to defeat others. Yes, these strategies are to defeat ourselves and bring the best out of us. We begin again, give better efforts and aspire to win the round. These past 7 days no one was online much. But now the times have changed, now no one will remain offline for too long. What a fantastic experience it will be! I am very much excited. Again after a long time we will trade, chat, sale and purchase. We will have fun!

So guys best of luck! Give your best, all of us have capacity to be the winner of the round. In fact all the players of Miniconomy are winners in real life. This is Game Of Champions. We all are champions! May the best one win!

Thanks for reading!