The Fallen Kings

Has anyone ever woken up in the middle of night from the boom of explosives going off to breakdown the safehouse’s door? Who among you has smelled a new fired gun?

For some it is a new experience, for others it is the best of the best. It brings back memories from chaotic times in a country where no one was safe, and everyone was afraid to log in in the morning. For centuries this was an everyday in a long forgotten country run by criminals, gangsters and criminals masterminds. But after this round, you start to wonder, if the inhabitors on Capitalia has been dreaming of kids bedtime storys told to them every evening, Murder, bombs, robbery, desieve, titles.

Gunpowder had not been possible to import for 48 hours, before the first two kills had happened in Capitalias capitol Fortuna, a few bombs broke the silent night before guns was fired, due to trouble with bribed policemen, the force has been understaffed for sometime and has not been able to identify the predators. The inhibitors woke up to blood in the street, the first victim was Tycoon Master, he had just taken refuge in the Tower Cozy Corner, but he was sent to jail for a robbery, and was shot down on the main street.

Since he couldn’t pay rent he was revoked and the hotel was rented by Tresias Aegirsson. The hotel door was blown apart and Tresias Aegirsson was shot so many times that it took a week to remove all the blood. for many days it was silence in the night, and noise from the construction sites during the day, but then one night.

The clock had just ringed its twelfth ring, people had gone to bed, only a few night ravens was small talking over a glass of scotch and cigar, 1,2,3,4,5 shots, silence, 1,2,3 shots, the noise from drawn guns was everywhere, 1,2,3,4,5 shots, the guns just kept going, who was the target! Who was the shooter! bang bang! the guns kept going, it felt like forever, and then silence. The ravens waited, and waited, but no more shots were fired. They went for a walk to see what had happened, and there in the middle of a pile of buddies, they saw the shade of a man with smoking guns, and blood everywhere, and on his head,a crown dripping with blood from its former owner! Loco_tazz was standing on a pile of bodies surrounding the former king Ikenco. Capitalia had a new king, the night ravens looked at each other and nodded, they looked at Loco_tazz and bowed while they greeted the new king.

A new king was born from the blood of the old, a new kingdom? A new point of view? Can he do better, or is this the start of a war, where you have to choose a side?

With this story i want to tell that a friend in one round can eas be an enemy in the next, but we love it and we want to keep it that way, because that is the way of Capitalia

To make a new story i only had to go to bed and sleep. I slept for 45min and there it was. The high explosions, followed by guns fire, Gelaarsdekat last rounds winner, had enough, king Loco_tazz had committed crimes against him, and revenge was on the menu, he shot the king down from behind, followed up with a couple of grenades, dropped to he’s knees and started the big machine gun, the bullets flew for minutes. He looked at the body, well knowing he was not allowed to wear the crown, made a small fast look around saw a few witness but choosed to turn around and walked into the shadows of the skyscrapers.

The second king of Capitalia is dead, the morning period starts now and a new king will be praised for the next round, but who will it be?