Energy crisis

This article was written before round start

Last round there was an announcement about an electronic crisis in Europe. This didn’t sound too good, so the journalist on TMC took the job to look into this crisis.

When the round ends we normally take 7 days off from our offices in Miniconomy, to sleep and rest before a new round begins, but at the office at TMC we never take the time to hold a break, there was an announcement from the Federal Team there was bugging us, so we took the time to look into the story. First of all, we were pleased to find out that there are still people out there in the world who are not robots and enjoy some of the same trade as us. Due to the history from Wouter we were actually told that we were the only nation, but to qute FeC: Trade within these trade nation is controlled by robots. So it seems we are still the only free nation left.

I`m an old player there still remember lots of rounds, so i asked if the Federal Research Lab still existed on Martijnique since it maybe could hold in some kind of information there could help us against this possible energy crisis there is just outside our border. FeC said they hadn’t sent out any research expedition, but only one trusted member of the Federal Team “Federal Researcher” he had sent words back that the old laboratory was outdated and wasn’t holding any kind of research or information there could help us, but he would travel further and set up a new Lab and ask for assistance. But unfortunately he has not given any new updates or words since Round 186. The Federal Team are still hoping that one day they will hear from him again.

I have been wondering about green energy, and a lot of others have been wondering the same over the rounds. We are asking why we are adding solar to hotels either for increasing the size of decorating the rooms, yet it still costs energy to decorate or everytime it is rented out. Also the only way to obtain energy for trade is by burning either by burning wood or oil, i don’t see this as a greenway, so i asked the Federal Team what their view was on these questions and this was the response i got.

Mayors have the possibility to provide traders with green energy from solar parks. And with the introduction of tree planting licenses traders have the possibility to obtain green energy to a certain degree. Also the Federal Team is currently investigating the possibility to harvest energy from solar panels attached to buildings.

My last question for the Federal Team about this crisis was of course about the history from all countries facing a crisis, the Government intervening too late, and what the Governments thoughts about this was, if they have learned anything from the history books about this problem for the last 2000 years. Everyone can relate somehow to one or two crises where by your own opinion the government helped too late, to this the answer was. I can assure you that the Federal Team is working very hard to ensure the Federation to thrive. But there are no absolute guaranties possible regarding the future.

With this answer no promises are made, and therefore you can’t say they lied, this also gives the traders the possibility to take the government to court, to see if they by law should have it on the team meeting agenda.

This is all for now, i will keep an eye and ear out for any more information in the matter about the crisis so we can be prepared for whatever is going to happen

Is there enough energy for us?