Something suspicious

Due to last evening’s event, we have noticed the problem is bigger than only Capitalia, we have been informed that tradesmen from Coinville in United Blingdom is having the same problems with Rea+.

We have been looking in our emails and notes on the wall, and we can see there have been reports of Ukraines visiting Wouter last Saturday. Is this a delegation sent by the energy experts from Europe, or is it a delegation sent by the energy mafia? Trying to score some money by threatening Wouter to pay more energy tax?

We are trying to locate our mole in the Ukraine, but due to the hacking/construction problems last night on the federal building we are having some trouble with that as well.

If anyone reading this is able to give in new information, we are more than happy to look into it, general information or just rumors, we will take anything into consideration.