REA+ “Bug”? – Opinion

You might have seen picketers in front of the Federal Building recently with signs like “REA+, NO REA-” or “I can’t dig! You dig me?” and my favorite “I want my mommy.”

Though some citizens are sensationalizing this bit of news on social media, the question remains… is this just fake news? Citizens crying for attention, hoping to get a handout and a few more followers on their Instagram?

Though some are claiming there is a bug in the Government’s advanced realtor program, others are reporting no issue. This begs the question: Is it a bug, or is it a lack of skill?

I would not want to questions the skills of those who would seem to have great experience living and working in the Federation, but questions should be asked. I am sure the Leaders will set things straight, lets hope the picketers come up with better signs while we wait.