Hello Federal and Wouter

Here at the TMC we already covered the big sensation Saturday evening with the trouble of being a Rea+, but we are still searching for how or why it happened?was it really just some construction problems there had broken a few cables, or was it hackers there are trying to force their way into the federation?
It was quite a story indeed. A hacker wasn’t the problem. We traced the problem to a small server in an official Government building on a tiny island outside of Fort-de-Franc. The server didn’t receive an upgrade. The Federal Team intended to upgrade the REA+ function by making it possible to search for pure recourses lots. But this upgrade resulted in a small issue in the search for recourses area. We are happy we could resolve this issue quickly.

Also we are hearing rumors about an Ukrainian delegation there had visited Wouter? Do you have any comments on this matter?
Wouter was very enthusiastic about caviar lately. But officially we have no comment to this rumor.

Here at the TMC we have send one of our own journalist to Europe to see if he can find any sort of information about the energy crisis. It has been a hard job for our journalist, but he is hearing rumors about some politicians talking about removing taxes on energy, do you have any comments on this?
Removing the tax on energy might be a political solution fitting Europe. I am not sure it will fit the Federation. But I’m sure if an international agreement would be reached on this issue the Federal Team will listen. Things might get into motion if all three countries agree upon the proper response to the current energy crises.

The last thing our journalist said over the bad phone connections was hard to hear but he spoke about an energy mafia with connection to the old Russia USSR or maybe Ukraine is this something you can confirm or even know if it is true?
Both Russia and Ukraine have a crucial role in providing Europe with energy. At this point we cannot confirm nor deny that there is any energy mafia connection. More research has to be done. Both by criminal investigators and journalists.