Who Is FeM?

Federal Manager…. Who is this Federal?

We have looked into this, Federal Manager is an old inhabitor, who has been on the federal team for like forever. But for many years he has only shown himself in our nation a few times. The Federal Manager tells us he is an inactive Federal, yet we are starting to see some problems with that story!

Only a few days ago he was seen in Capitalia, alongside his close friend Zofona (who comes from Ukraine). That happened only a few days after we were informed of a Ukraine delegation visiting Wouter. We were worried that Wouter was either in trouble with a gang or asked about our nations politics along side Europe, or maybe in the pocket of someone else from there.

If we are lucky, it was some friendly visit, but how do we know? Wouter didn’t respond to my last follow up questions, only FeC did, and kryptic answering he has a hang to caviar.

I have done some research and I can see caviars are really high priced so how are these new luxuries being paid for?

We can’t tell for sure, but our reporter in Europe is 80% sure he saw the back of the Federal Manager coming out from the Ukraine chambers in the parliament. If this is true, maybe there is more to our last story about a delegation that was seen at Wouters.

Can we count on the Federal Manager if we are starting to see a crisis with energy, or what if one or two of the current federal government has to be absent? Can we count on him? rumors are he is moving back to us, and going 100% active federal id his friend Zofona is winning a round.

But that excuse is starting to smell a little fishy. Our latest research shows Zofona has close connections to the Ukraine gang environment. Is there something going on? Can we really trust Zofona? And more importantly, can we trust the Federal Manager if he comes back to us?

Our reporter in Europe is camping the Ukraine chambers to see if Federal Manager is a regular visitor or if we are on the wrong track