Key to Success – Skyscraper

Skyscraper! Yes skyscraper which we all call TOWER is key to success. Yes! Many of you wouldn’t believe me. Even I was thinking that skyscraper is waste of time and money, no one comes to live in it, it’s not worth investing, etc. All those thoughts came into my mind till player Bleech and I had a chat. He opened my eyes, he changed my views. Before this chat I was thinking about how others earn so much, how they manage to get high ranks. And then Bleech’s brief explanation on towers convinced me.

Yes skyscraper is worth investing. First I used to put the money I earned in bank account but now I dont. Now I invest all I earn in towers. Till now I have successfully built a tower which earns  more than 2k for me daily. Now you would be thinking that how is it worth investing so much just to earn 2k daily. Yes that thought came to me too. But then the thing is that skyscraper adds to your networth (Also the revenue you earn daily keeps increasing! ). And networth is what brings high rank to you. Another thing is it really feels awesome when you are owner of a majestic skyscraper.

You keep on adding floors and then furnish them. Better the room you make better is the rent you get. Tourist are the people living in your skyscraper. They live for about 7 days and they dont care what your rent is. Before building a skyscraper dont worry whether all your rooms will be filled. It’s not possible that all your rooms will be rented. But yes more than half at a time can be rented for sure. Whatever room you make, whatever rent you keep tourist will surely come, dont worry.

So conclusion is that skyscraper provides the following benefits:

1) Skyscraper are major source of revenue in your business.

2) Skyscraper always has a big hand in your networth. Higher the tower, higher is the rent you get.

3) Skyscraper provides you daily income without any disturbance. The products you produce may not be sold but skyscraper will always provide you income.

4) The revenue you get from skyscrapers is never affected by competition.

5) Finally as I said it’s great to be owner of a tower.

So guys those where my views. Everyone has ideas of success. Skyscraper is the common one. I hope after reading this you will not think twice about building a skyscraper. Dont worry it’s cheap. I would like to thank Bleech for guiding me so much. Thank You! Thanks for reading!