Headline: Rea+ or Rea-

Rea+ or Rea-

The round has only been ongoing for 10 hours, and what could have been a small bug is getting bigger and bigger.

Fortuna has had its trouble getting a dream start, but unfortunately for those who want to trade in the evening things went from bad to very very bad. Some of the inhabitants in the resource strong city, went to the credit page, and bought Rea+. But what should have been a rewarding time saving investment, there seems to be a bug with it, the tradesmen with Rea+ can’t see lots with resources in the extractor page, and every lot they buy is turning into a building lot.

With trouble like this you would hope the Federal Team had some sort of an emergency contract, but due to renovation of the building, it seems like the phone and internet cable has been torn apart. It is simply impossible to contact them in the hour before midnight.

The agency will have to take a long and constructive conversation with the local construction team, since this has an impact on the small trader, we are not able to see the effect 100% by now, but small business traders are afraid that they might need to shut down their business for days, and with no income, they might not be able to open again. The trouble seems to be that the larger companies and tradesmen haven’t been back from vacation long enough to estable a healthy economy yet.

We all hope the leader Crazy Wouter or Slim Remco are going to the office in the morning and are told there is a problem, so they might have a chance to fix it before the impact are getting to big, from the TMC we hope that all the small businesses are getting a helping hand from the Government Bank so they can keep their lives in the city Fortuna. We will keep you updated with any new information tomorrow, and also we will try get a comment from the federal team